When are you going to run for Sheriff?
Right now! 2020!

Are you sure that you want to be Sheriff?
Yes, I want to be the Sheriff of Coffee County.  I have prayed about this, asked God for guidance, and I am ready.  My family has heard me making plans for years.  Now is MY TIME.

Why do you want to be Sheriff?
I have been a part of the Coffee County Sheriff's Office for 13 years, and I have learned from every position.  I want to use this experience to help make the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office a place where all employees are encouraged and feel appreciated.  MICROMANAGEMENT is killing the morale at the Sheriff’s Office.  When you do not know what you are doing, you focus on ONE THING, while everything else is falling apart around you.  You can stack up “helpers” knee high and it still will not work.  Eventually someone has to roll up there sleaves and work!  It is time to put Coffee County first in the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office.  The Coffee County Sheriff's Office is a great place to work, but the employees work for ridiculously low salaries without receiving proper training and motivation.  If elected, I will work hard to lift up the morale of the employees, treat everyone fair, lead from the front line, promote from within, and hire deputies from the Jail.  The LEC Employees will learn teamwork through a fair but firm leader.

Will you fire anyone if elected?
All employees will be managed by Coffee County Personnel Policies.

How will you manage the Sheriff’s Office if elected?
The LEC needs mature employees, who have proven themselves.  Every new employee needs to work in the Jail, every proven Jail Employee will be given the chance to become a Deputy Sheriff, every Deputy Sheriff will be required to complete a thorough training before working in the Patrol Division, and Detectives will be chosen from Deputies who have proven themselves to be safe, professional, and reliable. Career minded employees will be encouraged to work in all areas to avoid burnout

Do you think you can make a difference?
Yes.  I am no longer a rookie who thinks they can rid the world of crime.  As Sheriff, I will work hard and expect every employee to follow my lead.  Consistency is very important in Law Enforcement.  It will take a little time to get the employees to relax, but they will come around.

What is the first thing you will change?
I will take control of the agency and manage from the front.  Every supervisor will be assigned duties and every employee will go to work.  I already know who is working and who is coasting.  I have worked in every division, and know what the job is of every employee.  Real productivity will be my first goal.

Will you change anything else?
I will secure the Jail and Law Enforcement Center (LEC).  All doors have locks for a reason.  Right now, anyone can walk straight through the front door, past the receptionists, past the Chief Deputy’s office, past the Sheriff’s Office, through the conference room, past the break room, past the armory, past the evidence vault, into the evidence bay (smoking room), around the Drug Unit parking lot, through the open gate, around the maintenance shop, and walk all the way around to the first gate; OR do it in reverse!  Does anyone see how dangerous it is right now?  An open door policy means people can get access to leadership, NOT unlocking all the doors!

I will stop allowing nudity in video visitation, stop putting career criminals on detail, and stop allowing anyone to use free inmate labor illegally.

I will initiate cooperation between all law enforcement agencies, find out what prosecutors and judges need changed, find out how many warrants are past the statute of limitations, get all active warrants tolled, and find out what the magistrate judge needs changed.

IIf I am elected Sheriff, I will work hard to adopt and follow a security plan that will not slow down business, but will protect Coffee County Citizens in the Courthouse.

It will take YEARS to get the CCSO back up to speed.

Will you stay within the budget?
A budget is an educated guess of financial needs.  Every family lives within a budget, so the Sheriff's Office can too.  There are some variables that can not be predicted:  fuel prices, natural disasters, overtime for major crime investigations, and employee turnover.  Anyone familiar with standard business practices can see that the Coffee County Sheriff's Office has a padded budget.  Cheering that the LEC is under budget shows desperation for public approval.  An effective manager needs to consider “End of Life strategies.”  Computers, vehicles, telephones, servers, jail phones, kiosks, tower software, water management equipment, lighting, air conditioning, radars, car cameras, agency cameras, visitation cameras, and the building needs careful planning to keep current.  It is easy to let things fall apart and give back what looks like a lot of money, but the next year you will need to purchase EIGHT CARS!  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Are you from Coffee County?
Yes.  My mother, Rosemary Williams James,  was an English teacher in the Atkinson County School System.  She is the Daughter of a former State Representative, George Williams from Coffee County near the Stokesville area.  She married John Walter James, an Atkinson County man.  My relatives live in Coffee and Atkinson County.  Like most established southern families, we are related to many.  If you check your family tree, we probably have common ancestors.  James, Williams, Fussell, Gillis, Tanner, Pope, Vickers, Harper, are just a few.  My wife and I live in Coffee County.  She teaches Mathematics at the Coffee County High school.  My children attended and graduated from Coffee County High School.  I cant say that we OWN a house in Coffee County, but we like many people are sure paying that note regularly.  We definitely pay taxes in Coffee County, shop here, and our last car was purchased here.  If elected Sheriff, I will keep as much of the budget in Coffee County as possible.

How is the virus changing things?
The Coffee County Board of Elections & Registration will be MAILING absentee ballot APPLICATIONS to all active voters in Coffee County!  To VOTE in the Sheriff’s race, you will need to request a REPUBLICAN ballot and mail the application back.  WHEN your ballot comes in the mail, VOTE WALTER JAMES for Sheriff of Coffee County.  Under GEORGIA LAW, only YOU can mail YOUR BALLOT.  If anyone tries to get YOUR BALLOT, take their picture and send it to me ASAP!

MAY 11th is the last day you can REGISTER TO VOTE!

MAY 18th starts EARLY VOTING!

JUNE 9th is the general primary, ELECTION DAY!

If anything changes, I will post it here!

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