Family and Friends!
Coffee County policy forbids any employee from running for any Coffee County position while employed by Coffee County.  On 030220, I qualified to run for Sheriff and by policy resigned from the Coffee County Sheriff's Office.  I know that some of you are going to think that I excluded you from the decision making process, but  I did not share my decision with anyone.  I chose to spare you the spotlight of being suspected, labeled, and treated unfairly.  WHEN you are questioned, just tell the truth.

Law Enforcement, Jailers, Courthouse, Fire Department, EMS, E-911, Court Staff, Judges, Pastors, and Christians!:
I was certified as a Georgia Law Enforcement officer on 04/24/1989, and started my Law Enforcement career at the City of Douglas Police Department.  Things were a lot different back then, and Law Enforcement was much easier.  My career has been interesting, and many good men and women have helped shape me into the person that I am today.  This path I chose has taught me through Road Patrol, Investigations,  Internal Affairs, Evidence Custodian, Supervision, Courthouse Security, Administration, Assistant Jail Administration, and Gang Investigator.  I am one of you so remember me when you vote!

Coffee County Voters:
Wearing a gun and a badge has been part of me for a long time.  I have experienced long hours, low pay, dangerous situations, wearing a bullet proof vest in South Georgia heat, testifying in Court on days off, writing and serving search warrants, keeping emotions in check while witnessing horrible situations, remaining kind and professional in depositions that have lasted for more than six hours, listening to victims and offenders, keeping up with loads of equipment and uniforms, and dealing with repeat offenders.  With that being said, please let me express to you how much I appreciate Coffee County and OUR PEOPLE!  Also, know that if I am elected Sheriff... you will all be treated fairly.  Every employee will be expected to work hard, and to treat others with dignity and respect.  Thank you for coming to this site, and PLEASE VOTE WALTER JAMES on MAY 19th

Walter (aka Preacher)

Coffee County Deputy Walter James - Vote James

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